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The following is a directory of some of the third party users of LMI for All. This shows how LMI for All is being used by a range of careers and education providers in their websites and programmes. Whilst most embed the data in their own site alongside other data sources, some provide access to the data in widgets and software programmes. The organisations taking advantage of LMI for All provide services to individuals throughout their lifecourse.

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We will add to this directory over time, so if you use LMI for All and not on our list, please let us know!


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To explore how some of our current users developed their websites and app please review their case studies on our website.


Web and app directory: Users of LMI for All

Active Informatics

Active Informatics provides software solutions to the further and higher education sectors and careers services. Their Labour Insights provide a range of data on the UK labour market from a number of sources, including LMI for All. The Insights provide current and historical data on job postings, information on salaries, as well as identifying emerging markets and occupations. The Careers Explorer information tool provides careers advice using local job market information.


Adviza is a charity inspiring people to make better decisions that help them progress in learning and work. It supports young people and others at important times in their lives where key decisions need to be made, and aims to raise aspirations and motivate them to achieve their full potential. Adviza offers a range of careers services and resources for schools and colleges, including eCLIPS (aimed at 11-19 year olds) and Careers Planet (aimed at Key sate 2 and 3 pupils). eCLIPS provides impartial descriptions of jobs, entry requirements and training options, as well as data from LMI for All.

BBC Bitesize Careers

Bitesize Careers supports those deciding what to study, taking exams, planning a career, or just curious about the world of work, with advice from people who have found the right path for them. It provides a range support, tips and advice, as well information on a number of job profiles. LMI for All data are used in these job profiles.

Career Pathways by Float

Career Pathways an widget that can be embedded in websites. It is aimed at colleges. Pathways shows progression options from further education courses to the careers students can do. It links A Level, BTEC, vocational, higher education and apprenticeship courses to future careers showing labour market data, including that from LMI for All.


Careersmart is an independent and impartial careers website established by Prospect union for professionals. Its aim is to help individuals to be informed and confident in their career choices and decisions. It features articles and podcasts on a range of subjects and the latest labour market data from official ‘big data’ sources. Careersmart uses various data sources including data from LMI for All to provide the most current information, including pay, by occupations, industry and regions plus provide real data on gender and diversity make up.


CareersWales provides an the all age, independent and impartial careers information, advice and guidance service for Wales. The website provides information on careers, jobs and training, plus education and courses.  LMI for All data are used alongside a range of our data in their careers profiles.


CASCAID offers a range of online careers products and programmes, including xello, kudos, Careerscape, Launchpad and Paws in Jobland. These products variously offer information on careers, employment, education, training and the labour market. LMI for All data are used in some of these products alongside data from a range of sources.

Coach Central by the Department for Work and Pensions

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) is the biggest public service delivery department in the UK that is responsible for welfare and pension policy. An overall aim of DWP is to develop and maximise the potential of each of its employees by giving them the knowledge, skills, experience and behaviours to do their job. The Learning and Development unit in DWP coordinates and delivers training through a range of online tools. Accessing LMI is seen as a key development activity. LMI for All is used in an app, known as Coach Central, to enhance and support this development activity. The app enables data to be accessed easily, but also be a useful resource in working with employers and claimants. More information on its development and use of LMI for All is available here.

Eluceo Education

Eluceo Education supports people in school, out of school and in the workplace with the learning choices over their life time. It aims to provide a new, comprehensive and integrated approach to lifelong learning that supports the development of the next generation of self-directed and confident learners. A range of job profiles are offered that use data from LMI for All. The iShine app is a career road-mapping tool with the aim of helping students understand what careers are out there, what you might be good at and enjoy, and what steps you need to take in order to gain employment in that career. For those in work, it can help identify ways to progress or change career, or for those out of work it can help you identify the skills needed to re-enter the job market.

Help Build London by Prospects

‘Help Build London’ app is aimed at raising awareness of current and future opportunities in the construction sector in London. It also encourages users who are wedded to one occupation to consider others that may fit their skills or that have better employment prospects or are in high demand in London. ‘Help Build London’ is a native app which enables a user to download it and store it on their mobile device. A individual who is interested in the construction sector in London, enters the app and selects two skills to find two potential job options in construction to compare. These options are based on a selection of skills. The user can then find out more about each job option, pay and hours, and required qualificators.  More information on its development and use of LMI for All is available here.


icould uses real voices to help young people learn more about the world of work. Using video interviews, the free-to-use website offers unique insight into the day to day roles and career pathways of people working in a range of jobs. icould includes over 1,000 careers video stories that provide a real view of what it is like to work in particular jobs. Articles on a range of topics are available from people sharing their experiences, together with advice from industry experts. More information on its development and use of LMI for All is available here.


Kareerhub applies technological solutions to inform and support individuals with their career decision-making in fast changing and often-unpredictable education and labour markets. The use of reliable real time data from LMI for All and other sources combined with innovative teaching and learner support materials helps brings alive options opportunities.  KareerHub integrates LMI for All into a simple-to-use careers information package which delivers real time data direct into the classroom, onto pupils’ and parents/carers’ tablets and smartphones.  More information on its development and use of LMI for All is available here.

My World of Work by Skills Development Scotland

Skills Development Scotland provides a careers service for all ages face-to-face and online through the My World of Work website. They offer support with lifelong career planning, hlep with understanding the labour market and the skills employers are looking for. My World of Work offers registered users a personalised experience as they are able to identify and assess their strengths, skills and interests. The range of job profiles includes data from LMI for All.

RCU Ltd.

The RCU Ltd. provides data analysis and research for the post-16 education sector offering a picture of post-16 learning and skills demand to inform curriculum and recruitment. The labour market intelligence dashboard is one product. The LMI dashboard uses a range of data from LMI for All, mainly forecast data, to provide an overview of UK occupations.


SACU provides a range of careers tools and services for the education sector with the aim of supporting students make better choices. For students, there is: a careers quiz which matches them to higher education courses, careers and apprenticeships; an A Level Match tool; and a personal statement inspiration tool with helps with a UCAS statement. The labour market explore tool uses LMI for All data to power its interactive tool.

SkillsMatch London

Skills Match was created in partnership by London Councils (an organisation which represents the 32 London borough councils and the City of London) and education data specialists MIME Consulting. Skills Match provides analysis of skills gaps (expansion and replacement demand) and trends (projected jobs over time) in a visually engaging way. It uses LMI for All (to drive the analysis of likely trends in the London labour market by occupation and qualification level, alongside another of other datasets. More information on its development and use of LMI for All is available here.


SkillsPlanner is an open linked data platform that enables the construction industry, known for its fragmented approach to skills planning, to become more collaborative and efficient. It allows employers, skills providers and other stakeholders to share past, present and future skills data. SkillsPlanner integrates and interprets this information to allow stakeholders to plan for and meet current and future employment requirements. It uses LMI for All data to support understanding about the future skills demands of the construction sector.

Start by U-Explore

For students, Start offers personalised information and opportunities which take account of who they are, where they start from and where they want to go. It builds on longstanding career assessment practices by building a personal profile of work preferences, qualities, skills and interests and using this to match users to jobs and learning opportunities based on their suitability and how available those jobs are in the labour market. The software not only provides factual information from LMI for All and other high quality sources, but also draws on multi-media qualitative information. More information on its development and use of LMI for All is available here.