The Importance of Entrepreneurship Skills

LMI for All Webinar Series

The Importance of Entrepreneurship Skills:

What are they and what do they deliver?

21 March 2024

There is increasing recognition of the importance of entrepreneurship skills. Economic growth and competitiveness are dependent upon the individuals being innovative and developing their ideas into something which has economic and social value. To realise this goal is dependent upon individuals possessing entrepreneurship skills.

As part of part of LMI for All’s mission to provide the latest information about the state of skills demand and supply, the webinar will provide insights from the latest research on entrepreneurial skills. The online webinar is hosted by the University of Warwick Institute for Employment Research (IER).

Entrepreneurial skills are not easy to define. The webinar will commence with a presentation from Hazel Israel from Bantani Cymru CIC who will summarise how entrepreneurship skills are defined in practice with special reference to the EntreComp classification. Līga Baltina from Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini will summarise evidence from a cross-national study which addressed how ecosystems and national and local levels can be developed to promote an entrepreneurship. Finally, Rafael Novella from University College London, will provide evidence from various countries on the effectiveness of programmes to develop entrepreneurship skills.

Here is the recording of the event:

LMI for All Webinar Series – Entrepreneurship Skills – Intro

Presentations by:

  1. Hazel Israel (Bantani Cymru) – EntreComp
  2. Liga Balitina (FGB) Entrepreneurship Learning Ecosystem
  3. Rafael Novella (UCL) E-Lancing – NOT AVAILABLE FOR PUBLICATION