The Current State of Skill Mismatches

LMI for All Webinar Series
The Current State of Skill Mismatches:
Employer and Employee Perspectives
28th February 2024

There are widespread policy concerns across Europe that the supply of skills is insufficiently matched to labour market demand. This potentially imposes costs to both employers (who face difficulties securing the skills they require) and individuals (who may struggle to find a job that makes use of their skills).

As part of part of LMI for All’s mission to provide the latest information about the state of skills demand and supply, the webinar will provide insights into the current state of skill mismatches. The online webinar is hosted by the University of Warwick Institute for Employment Research (IER).

Here is a full recording of the event:

Here are the documents and presentations:

LMI for All Skills Mismatches Intro

Skills Mismatches Welcome page teams

Presentations by

1_Seamus McGuiness (Research Professor, Economic and Social Research Institute) – Concepts, Measurement and Policy Approaches

2_Mark Winterbotham (IFF) – The UK Employer Skills Survey

3_Konstantinos Pouliakas (CEDEF OP) – Skill mismatches in Europe, Evidence from the European skills and jobs survey (ESJS)