Skillsometer is a freely available widget provided by the LMI for All service. Skillsometer has been designed for those who are not sure what jobs they may be interested in. Thinking about skills, interests and the ways these can link to jobs can be a helpful first step in identifying possible future jobs. Users take the quiz, which requires them to reflect on a number statements and decide what they love, are not sure about or dislike. The statements are presented within six well established occupational categories (Artistic, Realistic, Investigative, Conventional, Enterprising, and Social), which are then ranked against jobs. Once the user has completed the quiz they are given a short list of job suggestions that are most likely to be suited to their own particular skills and interests. Each job can be explored as a description is presented together with information on pay and hours. For further information on the job, and to compare with other jobs, the user could then go to the Careerometer.


Skillsometer in practice

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Here it is in action:

Embedding the widget, Skillsometer

To use the widget in your site, you need to paste one or two lines of code into your HTML website source, at the position where you want the widget to appear. In WordPress, for example, the HTML source is the “text” version of your website (there is a switch at the top right of the WordPress editor).

To use the widget, paste this line:

<iframe src="//" width="700"
height="310" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"></iframe>

If you have problems displaying the widget, this may be due to you using an older web browser. In this case, try using this code to embed the widget:

<iframe src=""
width="700" height="310" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"></iframe>


Embedding on a WIX web site

To embed the widget on a WIX website, open the website editor and select the place where you want the widget to appear. Then, go to Add → More → Embeds → HTML iFrame, and add a new iFrame component. The component will ask for an address. Put in “” (without the quotes), and confirm. Note: do not put in the full widget code given in the other examples – this will not work.


Contextualising the widget

We suggest that you add some text to introduce Skillsometer. The following is a suggestion, so please feel free to amend to reflect your users.

“Skillsometer can help you discover what jobs you might like to do in the future. You will be presented with a series of statements. Select the emoji that shows how you feel about each statement. You will be given suggestions of jobs linked to what you most enjoy doing.”