About the LMI learning units

These short learning units have been developed by the LMI for All project team to support career practitioners and teachers using, or interested in accessing and using, labour market information (LMI) as part of the careers education, advice, guidance and counselling process.

Although LMI for All (among other sources) provides reliable and up-to-date information about the labour market, like employment in different occupations, wage levels and skill requirements, interpreting and making sense of this information as part of the career guidance process is not always simple.

image of data and charts

For example, data that relate to: the understanding of employment opportunities in different regions; differences of pay at different ages; the gender pay gap; replacement demand in occupations; and the changing skills and knowledge for present and future jobs are complex. ‘Labour market intelligence’ is the term used to refer to the end result(s) of the process of making sense of any of these complex data sets. This ‘intelligence’ can include both knowing where to locate reliable and up-to-date LMI and how to assess the reliability and usefulness of different sources of data.

So these learning units have been designed to help you understand these, and other complex aspects of LMI, in more depth and breadth. They have also been designed to help you to understand, more particularly, the range of different data sets available in LMI for All.

Each unit provides learning objective (s), some basic material on the unit topic, some relevant resources and questions on which you can reflect. Although we have provided a structured outline order to the units, you are obviously free to dip in and out, depending on your learning needs and the time you have available.

Over time, we hope to extend the range of topics covered, so we would value any suggestions you may have on topics you would like us to cover. Please complete the short evaluation form below and we will do our best to respond.

Finally, these units are licensed under a UK Open Government License. This means you are free to adapt, publish, distribute and transmit the information the Information as long as you acknowledge the source.

The learning units have been developed by Graham Attwell, Jenny Bimrose, Sally-Anne Barnes and Terence Hogarth.

Learning units

  1. What is LMI and why is it important?
  2. Who uses LMI and what for?
  3. Sources of LMI
  4. Limitations of LMI
  5. Features of LMI
  6. Choosing amongst sources of LMI
  7. Understanding replacement demand and skills shortages
  8. LMI in career guidance: biased or impartial?
  9. Using LMI effectively
  10. Effective decision-making and the role of labour market information (LMI) in career guidance NEW for 2023!
  11. Support for Career Professionals in Decision making processes and their relationship to the Provision of Labour Market Information NEW for 2023!
  12. Labour Market Information for Parents and Guardians NEW for 2023!