Are you a developer wanting to use LMI for All?

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Every year in the UK a huge amount of high quality information is gathered about the UK labour market that could be used to help people make better decisions about their careers. Although this information is freely available, it is often not easy to access or understand.

The aim of LMI for All is to bring this data together in one place, making it available as an API to developers, app makers and web designers at no cost, so that they can incorporate it into websites and applications, providing high quality up to date information for their users.

in this section of the LMI for All Website, we provide access to tools and information to help you build your application or website.

Career hack guide

The Career Hack guide was written for those Interested in entering in the LMI for All CareerHack contest in 2014. The guide provides a handy guide to walk through LMI for All, what the API means and how to use it. As the guide says: “Happy hacking!”

Developer guide

The Developer Guide is designed to introduce the different data sets that can be accessed through the LMI for All API. Despite robust documentation of the API and detailed explanations of the data sources, it can be difficult to make sense of the significance and meaning of the different data sources and end points and how they can be used. In this (hopefully plain language) guide, we try to explain what you may be able to show with the different data and provide links to further possible resources.

API explorer

The LMI For All API Explorer is a web-based tool that allows developers to view the functionality of the API, as well as how to use it. Example queries can be constructed right in the API Explorer interface and then directly run on the API to explore data, or get an impression of how queries behave and what they return.

Current users of LMI for All

Have a look at our web and app directory which lists some of our current users of LMI for All.

Data documentation

Data documentation provides a detailed explanation of each data source available through the API.


Frequently Asked Questions is just what it says. Feel free to add your question. Don’t forget to look at the Service Level Agreement and our Terms and Conditions.

More help

The LMI for All team are always happy to help with technical queries or to explain the data further. Just send us an email to or use the query form.