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LMI for All opens up access to robust labour market information, supporting the wider government agenda to encourage use and re-use of government data. LMI for All brings together a range of data sets in an accessible way for developers to bring the data to life. LMI for All currently includes data from the Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings, the Labour Force Survey, the Employer Skills Survey and Working Futures. Vacancy data from Universal JobMatch, as well as data on interests, skills and abilities from the US O*Net system are also included.

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LMI for All puts people in touch with robust LMI, providing a common and consistent baseline for people to use alongside wider sources of information…

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iCould is a careers website which uses LMI for All to provid context alongside careers videos (visit www.icould.com).[/creativ_col][creativ_col position=”b”]


RCU is a data dashboard which draws on LMI for All data and is designed to help inform curriculum design (visit www.mides.rcu.co.uk).[/creativ_col][creativ_col position=”c”]


Other organisations are currently using LMI for All to power their websites and apps aimed at a range of audiences.[/creativ_col][/creativ_columns]

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In November 2013, we launched an international competition, CareerHack, which invited developers to create innovative apps using LMI for All data. The competition, which included a category for Further Education students aged 16-24, attracted an impressive response. Further details, including the winning apps can be found on our website.


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The online portal includes LMI which can answer the questions people commonly ask when thinking about their careers, including ‘what do people get paid?’ and ‘what type of person does that job?’[/creativ_col][creativ_col position=”b”]


LMI for All is currently in pilot phase, following the first release of the data portal in May 2013. We will continue to make improvements to the data and functionality over the remainder of the pilot, which ends in March 2015.[/creativ_col][creativ_col position=”c”]


LMI for All is a product of the UK Commission for Employment and Skills, and has been developed by the Institute for Employment Research at the University of Warwick, Pontydysgu, RayCom and Rewired State.[/creativ_col][/creativ_columns]

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