What can you do with LMI for All?

Ever wondered what you can do with LMI for All, how to go about using it and how best to get started? Why not begin by having a look at some  case studies on how others have used this resource to design and create new apps and web interfaces. This includes ways of identifying relevant audiences, using the API to integrate (or ‘mash’) LMI for All data with your own data.

For inspiration, here are four organisations keen to share their LMI for All experience.

  • icould was an early adopter of LMI for All. Their story of using LMI for All describes how they have used and visualised data alongside their careers videos.
  • The story from Prospects explains how they went about designing and developing an app, ‘Help Build London’, to raise awareness of the construction sector in London.
  • The Skills Match London website was developed by London Councils and MIME Consulting. The story of its development describes how LMI for All data is presented alongside local data to provide a visualisation of skills gaps and future trends.
  • The story from Kore Education Systems describes how they are creating KareerHub using data from LMI for All and the Northern Ireland Skills Barometer.

If you are inspired and want to know more, the LMI for All website also provides technical support and guidance on how to query the database, use the API, get an API key and the structure of the LMI for All data.

Finally, why not share your LMI for All experience with us. Contact: Sally-Anne Barnes, LMIforAll.dfe@education.gov.uk

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