Careerometer – updated LMI for All widget

LMI for All has released version two of its popular Careerometer widget. Version one, which was released a year ago, makes it simple to embed a widget in any web site. The first version gave access to pay rates in different jobs

The new version provides extra information. As well as providing hourly, weekly and annual pay figures, for each occupation the widget gives details of present numbers employed in the UK and projected future growth or reduction in numbers employed. It also provides prediction of replacement demand – an important measure showing how many new employees are likely to be needed based on those leaving an occupation or retiring. It provides examples of different industries where those in that occupation are likely to be employed as well as a brief description of the occupation itself.

You can also easily compare different occupations to UK average wages.

The widget can be configured to provide a card for providing information on one occupation at a time, or two or three cards for comparing more occupations. Another simple configuration allows you to preset the occupation the widget displays, instead of leaving it up to the user to search.

At a technical level, the Careerometer widget has been designed to be as simple as possible to install even for those with little technical knowledge. It should also cause no problems with your existing web pages and can easily be installed on a full page or as a sidebar widget.

To get the Careerometer 2 widget copy the code into your own website.

Careerometer 2 widget image

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